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Experience Georgia with all your senses! We will show you this incredible country the way it really is. You will taste the unique Georgian cuisine and amazing wines. You will admire the beauty of the Georgian landscape while hiking, horse riding and rafting. The local guides will get you acquainted with the centuries-old history, exceptional spots, monuments and the customs of the fascinating Georgian nation. Get ready for the moments you will never forget.


“Spirit of Georgia” stands for the idea of exploring the magic of Georgia in a way that no guidebook would be capable of providing. Adventure Time! Get ready for the true Georgia:)

We offer one-day and longer trips, Old Tbilisi tours, individually determined programs and many active ideas for spending your holiday in Georgia.

Our tour operators in the offices communicate in Russian, English and Polish.
Our guides on our international group tours speak both English and Russian.
We can also organize tours on request with guides that speak Russian, English, Polish, French, German, Farsi, Arabic and other languages, even Sign Language if needed.

Our offices are located in centre of the Old Tbilisi on the streets that you will be certainly walking. So come round to us and don’t forget to ask about our special offers!

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