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Martvili is located in Samegrelo region of Western Georgia, 280 km from Tbilisi. It is surrounded by rare relict forests, underground rivers and high cliffs. The canyons are located near the small town of Martvili on the Abasha river. Martvili Canyons can be considered a bright natural landmark of Georgia. By visiting the Martvili Canyons, you get an unforgettable experience of swimming in a boat along the canyons in emerald-transparent water surrounded by high cliffs and stunning nature. In the upper part of the canyon, there is a beautiful waterfall.

The Okatse canyon on the 14 km Okatse river, is three kilometers long and about 50 meters deep. The canyon is decorated by some falls abounding in water. The slopes are covered with woods.The first trial is to walk down 544 stairs leading to a narrow bridge that is suspended above the canyon at the height of the 45-storey building, or 140 meters. After each curve of the path you see something astonishing. When you finally reach the bridge, you can see a mountain river winding between the white limestone of the canyon. In some places it creates small but deep lakes with crystal clear water of wonderful turquoise color. The stream is very strong and you can hear the sound of the rushing water, even though you are high above it. When you approach the edge of the observation desk, you can see the whole way you’ve covered above the river as well as the second part of canyon that stretches further for another 1,5 kilometers. (261)



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